Our Mission

The Emma Marie Keller Memorial Foundation is comitted to support families of children with long term illnesses.
Our main focus is on but is not limited to, helping families with babies in the Pittsburgh area Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Toiletry Kits and Snack Bags provide basic everyday needs so that a parent can focus on the needs of their child.
Holiday deliveries provide a Little Ray of Sunshine by helping families know that no matter what is going on
in the outside world that their is someone thinking of them. Gift cards for gas, groceries or eating on the go
help make the fianancial burdens of a long-term illness a little easier to bear.

Financial Support

Unless you have been in the situation of having a family member in the hospital with a long term illness you probably do not know the financial drain associated with it. Everyone I have ever spoken to said they are glad they spent the money and would have spent more if they needed.

We all think about the gas money. However, other expenses include food if you are hungry (even McDonald's adds up quick). You will need to pay to park hourly. (After a month or so there is free parking but still adds up). You may need to pay for lodging (even the Ronald McDonald House is not free). A family member may need to quit a job or cut back their hours. The bills will continue to come in the mail.

The Emma Marie Keller Memorial Foundation provides funds, gas cards, food cards, etc. to families with children with long term illnesses.