Our Mission

The Emma Marie Keller Memorial Foundation is comitted to support families of children with long term illnesses.
Our main focus is on but is not limited to, helping families with babies in the Pittsburgh area Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Toiletry Kits and Snack Bags provide basic everyday needs so that a parent can focus on the needs of their child.
Holiday deliveries provide a Little Ray of Sunshine by helping families know that no matter what is going on
in the outside world that their is someone thinking of them. Gift cards for gas, groceries or eating on the go
help make the fianancial burdens of a long-term illness a little easier to bear.

Toiletry Kits

Toiletry Kits are provided to the NICUs (Neonatal Intensive Care Units) in Pittsburgh various times throughout the year. The five area hospitals that have NICUs are Magee, Mercy, Children's Home, West Penn, and Children's Hospitals.

God's love was shown to us by others in the area giving us all the help they could whether it was financial, prayers, gas cards, food, or in any way they thought would help. A decision was made we needed to give back to other families as well. After experiencing being at the hospital with Ryan having no toiletries for a number of days a descision was made to begin donating toiletry kits to the NICUs for moms and dads who unexpectantly end up in the NICU with a baby and an unexpected stay.

Toiletry Kits include:
Toothbrushes (w/covers)        
Floss    (3 in a pack)              
Q-Tips (6 tips in a pack)                  
Men/Women Deodorant                 
Shave Cream (3 packets per bag)   
Pads    (2 per bag)                 
Nail files